Grazing at the Golden Hour

DSCN4006 DSCN4009

Back in 2014 when I lived in the countryside I would take regular evening walks during the summertime along the Derwent and on my way home one evening I spotted this lovely, summer scene during the golden hour. These cows were quietly grazing and the only other sounds were a few birds and the distant buzzing of insects. As I got my camera out to get a photo, I noticed a couple of the calves watching me as I took several photos before continuing on home. It was a lovely, quiet moment and these photos still remain some of my favourites today.


Growing Up By The River


Back in 2015 I was living in a much more rural area, and we were lucky enough to live next to farmland and the beautiful River Derwent, where this lovely family of swans were living. Around the time we moved around, the cygnets were still fluffy and cute but decidedly bigger and it was lovely to see them all for a final time before I had to say goodbye to that quiet place, as if there are any new cygnets there they should be looking much the same as the ones in this photo did, and hopefully they’re now big, beautiful swans living free on the Derwent.


Black & Yellow


I turn 27 today so wanted to celebrate with a sunny, uplifting photo and this little marmalade hoverfly fit the bill for me. Back when I lived down South my parents had a lovely vegetable patch and it was always a-buzz (pun intended) with wildlife, especially insects. I would head out there most days to try and get some photos and I’d always manage to spot something new each day. Here’s hoping my 27th year takes on some of the sunny colours in this photo!


The Bug & The Berry

The Bug and the Berry

To this day this photos remains one of my absolute favourites of all time. I took this when I got my first little camera, just a little point and click. It was nothing fancy, but when I first got it I would spend hours and hours in my garden photographing everything in sight, and this was one of the first photos I took when I first started getting into photography. This little hoverfly was resting on my Mum’s California lilac tree, and was resting his forelegs on one of the tiny fruits which appear on the tree after the blossoms disappear, and I managed to catch him just at the right moment before he flew off.


June Is For Being Wild!

May Bug

It’s finally that time of year again where 30 Days Wild is upon us and I am loving every second. I always enjoy getting involved and have to thank the lovely Louise from Ramblings of a Roachling for first introducing me to it a few years ago. This will be the third time I take part and each year brings with it new and exciting opportunities to get outside and enjoy the wild! I’ll be writing a roundup post over on my main blog The Happy Larkspur every week, with the first post due to go up this Sunday, with the highlights from what I’ve been discovering and doing, but if you want to see daily updates from me you can find them on my Twitter account here, or click the little Twitter banner on the side of my blog as well. I’ll also be sharing some of my favourite throwback photos from previous years here on this blog, so until then, happy wildlife spotting!


A Little Green Flower Beetle


It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here and I apologise for that. Life has been running away with me! In my part of the world the countryside has really come to life with beautiful hawthorn blossoms and bluebells, while the local town is full of the distinctive calls from the seagulls and the sight of rabbits grazing the hedgerows at dusk. The promise of summer is definitely on the air and it’s been gorgeously hot here in Cumbria too! This kind of weather takes me back to my final year of university where our revision sessions were taken outside, and I often had the chance to do some wildlife spotting in-between. One of those days was when I spotted the lovely, emerald green flower beetle basking on the leaves above.