A Spring Bumblebee


My favourite season is finally here and I am daydreaming about flowers, bees and butterflies on the daily now! To celebrate spring’s arrival I thought this little bumblebee photo was the perfect accompaniment. I spied this little one resting on some lady’s smock flowers along the pathway back to our old house, and it was such a sweet and relaxed scene I had to get a photo. I believe this little cutie is a tree bumblebee due to it’s lovely, fuzzy orange colouring on it’s thorax.

Here’s hoping this spring brings with it many more bees!


New Life


I want to apologise for having disappeared from this blog for such a long time, but after the busy Christmas period I wanted to take an extended break before coming back feeling rejuvenated. Now that February is here I am definitely feeling ready to dive back into the blogging world, especially as the world around us is ever so slowly waking up from its winter slumber. Just like this lovely, dew soaked moss that I spied while out on a wintry morning walk back in 2015. Here’s hoping that the rest of the month is as vibrant and green as this little moss is!


Into the Woods

Trees at the Lakeside

Autumn is now well and truly here in the gorgeous Lake District, so of course my mind has been wandering back to the beautiful array of colours and wildlife which is on display at this time of year, like the beautiful trees in the photo above which framed the lake on the campus at my old university in Bath. This was always one of my favourite places to escape to when I had free time, and a good walk, whatever the weather always helped to clear my mind come those stressful days full of studying. Here’s hoping this autumn is just as colourful as the ones on campus often were.


Golden Leaves


It’s been a long while since I last posted, but I needed to take a break to focus on myself, so thank you for being so patient with me. Autumn has truly arrived here in the Lakes now and while I’ve yet to get some photos of the leaves changing colour, it won’t be long before Workington lights up with the flush of gold and red as the trees transform. This photo is one I took around this time last year at Workington Hall, and it will forever be one of my favourites and the epitome of autumn for me.


Grazing at the Golden Hour

DSCN4006 DSCN4009

Back in 2014 when I lived in the countryside I would take regular evening walks during the summertime along the Derwent and on my way home one evening I spotted this lovely, summer scene during the golden hour. These cows were quietly grazing and the only other sounds were a few birds and the distant buzzing of insects. As I got my camera out to get a photo, I noticed a couple of the calves watching me as I took several photos before continuing on home. It was a lovely, quiet moment and these photos still remain some of my favourites today.


Growing Up By The River


Back in 2015 I was living in a much more rural area, and we were lucky enough to live next to farmland and the beautiful River Derwent, where this lovely family of swans were living. Around the time we moved around, the cygnets were still fluffy and cute but decidedly bigger and it was lovely to see them all for a final time before I had to say goodbye to that quiet place, as if there are any new cygnets there they should be looking much the same as the ones in this photo did, and hopefully they’re now big, beautiful swans living free on the Derwent.


In the Shade of the Oak Tree


When my family and I first moved up to Cumbria back in 2014 it was the height of summer, and the house across the way from us had a huge, lovely oak tree in their front garden which loomed over the path. When the sun was shining on a hot day, the leaves would create these beautiful patterns on the pathway below, which were welcome shade from the sun, especially during that hot July back in 2014, and I just love the shapes the leaves created so of course I had to get my camera. Here’s hoping the rest of August presents some of these equally hot summer days, and maybe I’ll even get another shade pattern photo again!