A Spring Bumblebee


My favourite season is finally here and I am daydreaming about flowers, bees and butterflies on the daily now! To celebrate spring’s arrival I thought this little bumblebee photo was the perfect accompaniment. I spied this little one resting on some lady’s smock flowers along the pathway back to our old house, and it was such a sweet and relaxed scene I had to get a photo. I believe this little cutie is a tree bumblebee due to it’s lovely, fuzzy orange colouring on it’s thorax.

Here’s hoping this spring brings with it many more bees!



Beautiful White Tree Blossoms

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks in my part of the world, which I’ve talked about a bit more in-depth on my other blog. April has been a mixture of emotions but with the turn of the season come the blossoms and they are well and truly springing up all over the trees now, and these ones in the photo above, I spotted on my daily walk around the local nature reserve back down in Milton Keynes during the summer back around 2011, and scenes like the ones above are filling me with vitality and joy for the months ahead!


Sunshine In A Flower

Daffodils are definitely my favourite flowers. The different varieties and their sunny colour never fails to make me smile, they’re a joy to see come springing up as the weather warms. These particular photos I got when we first moved up to the area. To get up to the bus stop you had to walk up a lonning (a long drive) and come springtime the hedgerows either side would be full of colour, with these daffodils amongst them.


Spring Alive

Gorgeous day on campus.

Seeing as it’s the official first day of spring today, I thought sharing this photo from my old university campus in all of it’s spring glory, would be the perfect photo for today! There were these lovely trees that used to line the walkways of the campus grounds, and I’d often choose to go back to my university halls via the ‘scenic route’ so I could take in the views across the lake and do some amateur bird spotting on the way home. However, come spring, I was always out taking photos of these trees, they definitely would steal the show come springtime!