Black & Yellow


I turn 27 today so wanted to celebrate with a sunny, uplifting photo and this little marmalade hoverfly fit the bill for me. Back when I lived down South my parents had a lovely vegetable patch and it was always a-buzz (pun intended) with wildlife, especially insects. I would head out there most days to try and get some photos and I’d always manage to spot something new each day. Here’s hoping my 27th year takes on some of the sunny colours in this photo!


2 thoughts on “Black & Yellow”

  1. Your photos are so beautiful (not going to lie, I’m quite jealous!). I’ve always wanted to have a vegetable patch but sadly I don’t have the garden for it right now. I’d love to start growing herbs though (ideally indoors…is that a thing?!) because I go through so much basil and mint. Anyway, sorry I’m rambling! Excited to see more of your work and I hope you had the most wonderful birthday!

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    1. Oh thank you so much! I just have a little point and click camera, nothing fancy, but that means a lot so thank you. ❀ Our garden now is much smaller too and we don't have a veg patch anymore so I get all nostalgic when I see these photos. Thank you so much, I did!


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