Top of the Falls!


Back in 2009 when I visited Cumbria with my family, we visited the beautiful falls at Aero Force near Ullswater. It was stunning, and is one of my favourite sites in the whole of the UK. The sound of the rushing water at the top of the falls is so exhilarating to listen to and the spray coming off of the falls was nice and calming after the hike!


4 thoughts on “Top of the Falls!”

    1. It was a good day’s out hike, but it was quite a while ago when I did this so it took up most of the day for us, but then we were a family of four at the time so that may have been why – lots of stopping to get photos! It’s not a difficult walk though. Some places were steeper than others, but the paths are fairly even. Let me know if you ever go! 🙂

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