Farewell, 2016.


As the sun sets this week on what has been a particularly difficult year for myself both personally and in terms of what has been occurring globally, I am keeping my sights set on the future and aiming to have more fun, move more, live more, try some new things and experience as much as I can in the new year, as I feel as though I’ve let my anxiety and fears hold me back this year and I want to grab life come January, so I thought this orange sunset from a local park back when I lived in Bletchley fit the feeling well. Farewell, 2016, onto the next.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and that your 2016 has been far better than mine has. I will be starting a new blog in 2017 called The Happy Larkspur which you can visit here, and of course, I will have plenty of throwback nature photography here for you all as we head into the New Year. So, a big Happy New Year to you all from me, this is my last post here in 2016 but I will be back in early January. Thank you for all of your comments, likes and support and here’s to lots of good things in 2017!


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