Soft Petals


All around me the world is entering those transitional last few weeks of summer, where the breeze slowly begins to cool and the sun starts to turn its gaze back towards the other side of the world, for their turn in the warmth. I love each season in turn, though spring will always hold a special place in my heart, but when the time comes to move into a new one I am always excited. I think it probably has something to do with having a break from the usual, which comes in the form of change, and already the garden is starting to reflect that change.

While there are no dusky pink roses in our current Cumbrian garden, this photo brought back that feeling for me, as these were taken on the cusp of September, back when August had finally had it’s sun-kissed fill of the UK, and was ready to depart. Leaving the cool breeze of autumn in it’s wake, these roses lasted on the bushes for a few days more, before their petals began to softly wilt. While the end of summer can be stressful for many, there is always the promise of the following sun-filled months to come, and the fun and excitement of autumn and winter to enjoy until then.


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